Project managers to help your business implement Workday

With acute talent shortages across most of IT, project management, niche areas of data and sciences, organisations had been forced to amp up their talent attraction strategies both in attaining and retaining top talent. Workday-LogoKey to achieve this, there is need for new systems to provide both candidates and employees an improved experience and engagement. 

Over the past 3 years Australian businesses have fallen in love with one HR / ERP system above all others, Workday. 
Workday is an elegant and powerful enterprise system which operates from one line of code with interoperable modules and holistic reporting providing for and supporting actionable intelligence. 
My consultants have engaged in a number of Workday implementations, most recently at Optiver where we have rolled out Core HCM, Recruitment, Onboarding, Performance and Talent. 
Digital Rehab has intimate knowledge of all major Workday implementation companies having worked already with a few, know the Workday Australia team and are active in the Workday community. 
The key deficiency in rolling out Workday is in the support given to business in making the massive transformation from their legacy system to Workday. Considerable engagement with key stakeholders, project planning, data preparation and risk mitigation are all required and implementation consultants will need this to done for them. That is where Digital Rehab can help you as your Workday Customer Project Manager, represent your interests and co-ordinate all deliverables to ensure smooth transition and management of change.

Our views and insights on Workday

Rolling out Workday? You will need a Customer Project Manager with expertise, know how and strong communication skills to manage the process of change Engage us!
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