Brand Marketing & Communications

In branding, every opportunity to showcase unique characteristics and values of either a business or individual is used. Each channel  is called a brand touch point (ie. TV, radio, events, product packaging, web, mobile and face-to-face selling etc). Many companies consult with brand agencies or creative agencies to help aid in this activity.

Every opportunity that a business creates for its stakeholders or customers to interface with its brand is a good things. This is why brand touch points should be woven into your marketing communications plan and strategy.

A good Brand Strategy & Communications plan requires and integrated marketing strategy to inform particulars of a brand. Once business goals and objectives have been defined, a solid Brand architecture / identity / and brand management plan should been put in place.

Marketing communications, is the method for brand promotion and extension.

Most businesses that Digital Rehab works for either have new (or are in need of new) or existing brands which they need help to better market and promote. Exposure is a key to integrated marketing comms. It’s one thing creating the comms, its another to actually have your message heard.

Your brand identity and brand development work is important to your marketing. It is pivotal to inform and guide marketing & communications.

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